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How Long Will Your Roof Repair Actually Last?

How Long Will Your Roof Repair Actually Last?

How Long Will Your Roof Repair Actually Last?

Adhesive bandages were invented in 1920, and they have been sorta working ever since. We mention them because they are a “repair” which doesn’t last, unlike professional roof repair. Just how long does a roof repair last?


For all you do-it-yourself fans out there, please do not do your own roof repairs on your North Port home. Residential roofs, known in the trade as steep-slope roofs, are inherently dangerous.

They can be slippery, with nothing to grab hold of or keep a foot on. A fall from even a one-story roof can be extremely painful.

The other reason to avoid DIY roof repair is because, bluntly, you don’t know what you are doing. Think of it: how many roofs have you repaired in your lifetime? One? How many has your local, reliable roofer repaired? Hundreds, probably more.

Still insist on doing the work yourself? Who is guaranteeing your work? Do you give yourself a warranty? What happens when your “repair” fails in the first hard Florida rain?

Still looking for a crystal ball on how long your own roof repair will last? It may last a few days, a few weeks, but soon your roof repair will fail.
Water will infiltrate your attic, or seep between exterior and interior walls. You simply lack the right equipment, training, and skills to make long-lasting, permanent roof repairs.

Doing roof repair yourself is not an option. Ask your doctor, attorney, and roofer. They will all advise turning the job over to professional roofers.

Pros Know

Professional roofers know not only how to navigate your steep-slope roof, but how to make long-lasting repairs. In the sure hands of highly trained roofers, a roof repair job will outlast the roof itself. This is not hyperbole; just as wood glue is stronger than the wood it bonds, so too are roof repairs sturdier and better weathering than the roof around them.

Professional roofers providing expert residential roof repair will be happy to warrant their work, because they know how to make lifetime repairs. They are not worried about their repairs failing in the weeks or months ahead.

Mark Kaufman Roofing is everything you would want in a North Port professional roofer: experienced, well trained, properly equipped crews sent to your site by a knowledgeable, friendly office staff. Customer communication, fair pricing, and superior service are all hallmarks of the Mark Kaufman experience. Contact us today!

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