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How Long Does Metal Roofing Last Before It Rusts?

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Are you considering replacing your roof? As you explore the different types available, a metal roof catches your eye. It seems nice, but several questions pop into your mind as you look at the photos. Here are the answers to the most common questions about metal roofing.
How long does a metal roof last?
One of the many benefits of metal roofing is its longevity. A lifespan of between 40 and 70 years is not uncommon. Asphalt roofing materials generally last 12 to 20 years. There are several metal roof materials available. Aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel are the most common options. Ask your professional roofer about the local building codes concerning installation requirements in your area. All of these materials have a long lifespan. Getting the most years from your roof depends on doing the proper maintenance.

Does a Metal Roof Rust?
Metal roofing is pre-coated by the manufacturer with a special paint coating to prevent early rusting. However, there is a type of roof material that is explicitly made to rust up to a certain point for strength and aesthetic reasons. Here are several types of steel roofs and the technology used to prevent rust.
Galvalume Steel-
The coating used is Galvalume. A combination of aluminum, zinc, and silicone is applied to the steel to form a corrosion and rust-resistant surface. The Matte-like finish makes this a popular choice in residential homes.
Galvanized Steel-
A zinc coating is applied to carbon steel to keep the panels intact for many years. The final coat is resin, which gives a smooth finish. This finish is scratch resistant to keep your roof looking new. Able to withstand extreme weather conditions, galvanized steel can be an excellent material for areas that experience high temperatures and above-average amounts of precipitation each year.
Weathered Steel-
This is the strongest metal roof available today. It is deliberately designed to rust up to a certain point. The finish coat is a mixture of copper, silicon, and phosphorus. This combination will begin rusting when exposed to the elements. When this coat wears away, ionizing of the steel begins to take place. This prevents the steel from deteriorating any further. The final finish that results is just as long-lasting as any of the other finishes and has an aesthetic appeal preferred by many homeowners.

Many people assume metal roofing is costly and not in their budget. While metal roofing may be priced higher than conventional roofing materials, you will recoup the initial cost over time because of the extended lifespan and less maintenance required with this type of roof.
Metal Roof Maintenance
Metal roofs can last a very long time with maintenance. Here are several tips to help you keep your roof looking like new:

Keeping your roof clean-
A professional should do the cleaning. You don’t want to take a chance denting the roof while walking on the panels. A qualified roofer will know how to clean the roof without causing any damage.
Keep the Gutters and Drains Clean-
Many homeowners can do this task themselves. A buildup of water can occur if there are sticks, leaves, and other debris clogging the gutters. The moisture can cause corrosion. This is also a place that pests like to call home. A trowel works well to remove debris, and wear a good pair of garden gloves. You may want to have a professional roofer handle this task if you feel uncomfortable climbing a ladder.
Trim tree branches close to your home-
Overhanging branches can come down during a storm causing damage to your roof. The branches can also cause damage by constantly scraping the roof panels. This will also prevent the frequent need to clean the gutters of leaves and sticks.
Inspect the Flashing-
The flashing protects vulnerable areas of your roof. Water is directed away to a safe path off the roof. A damaged or loose flashing can lead to costly repairs if left for an extended time.
Check for any signs of corrosion-
The area near vents from your HVAC system and appliances should be inspected because chemicals are released from these vents. This can cause the degrading of roof materials over time.

These are several of the regular maintenance tasks that will keep your metal roof in tip-top shape for a long time. A certified roofer can inspect to ensure you don’t have any problems.

Metal roofing can have a long lifespan when appropriately maintained and has many advantages. Please consider contacting Mark Kaufman Roofing for more information about modern metal roofing. We have been proudly serving Sarasota, Manatee, Lee, Charlotte, and Desoto counties on the Florida Suncoast since 1988. Our Qualified staff will be happy to answer all your questions concerning metal roofing.

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