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How Does a Metal Roof Reflect On You?

How Does a Metal Roof Reflect On You?

metal roofing benefits

When it is time to replace your roof, there are many options available to you. One of the most popular roofing types, famous for its longevity and maintenance-free surface, is the metal roof. The benefits of a metal roof replacement far outweigh any downsides when properly installed by a professional contractor.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits for Florida homeowners is that a metal roof will reflect the sun’s hot rays away from your home. This helps to reduce the amount of heat seeping into your home during the summer. Because of this benefit, your cooling costs can be reduced by a rough estimate of 10 to 25 %.

Many metal roofing materials contain recycled content, some with up to 95% of reused metals. At the end of your roof’s life, 100% of your roof can be recycled. Regular asphalt shingles cannot be fully recycled and wind up in landfills to the tune of 20 billion pounds each year. Although manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into better recycling processes for shingles, there is still a lot of opportunity for improvement.


Unlike the more common asphalt shingles that have a life expectancy between 12 to 20 years, a metal roof replacement can last between 40 to 70 years. This projected lifespan is, of course, dependent on the type of metal used.  Proper care, maintenance, and annual inspections will also play a role in keeping your roof new for many decades to come.


Metal roofs stand up to severe wind gusts better than traditional shingles will, with some being able to withstand hurricane force gusts of 140 miles per hour. A metal roof will not tear, crack or corrode and with some metals, your roof may be impact-resistant to damage from heavy hailstorms or blowing debris.

Financial Savings

The initial thought of a metal roof replacement costing two to three times the cost of a traditional roof can prompt second thoughts in homeowners who have a tight budget. However, if you plan to remain in your home for a long time, a metal roof is a worthwhile investment and may be the last roof you purchase for your home.


Finally, a metal roof is very safe – surprisingly, even in an electric storm.  The metal does not attract lightning, but if it is hit, the metal absorbs the shock and will not ignite.

Professional Installation

To learn more about the benefits of a metal roof replacement and whether it is the right choice for your home, contact our team at Mark Kaufman Roofing.  We have been servicing the roofing needs of Sarasota, North Port, and the surrounding area for many years and are happy to answer your questions.


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