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How to Look for Hidden Indicators of Roof Replacement

How to Look for Hidden Indicators of Roof Replacement

How to Look for Hidden Indicators of Roof Replacement

If your roof isn’t particularly old, you may think it has lots of life left before it needs replacement. Unfortunately, the climate here on the Suncoast can prematurely age and shorten the expected lifespan of a roof. If you’re already wisely monitoring your roof for storm damage and other telltale problems, like missing/broken tiles or shingles, damaged flashing or water stains on your ceilings, here’s how to look for and recognize some less obvious indicators that a roof replacement may be necessary.

Subtle Signs of Trouble in the Attic

Evidence of minor leaks in the attic is often a warning sign that a roof is approaching the end of its useful life. To check for leaks, scan the underside of the roof sheathing for pinpoints of light coming through from outside, particularly around penetrations for plumbing pipes, exhaust vents or a chimney if you have one. Look for sags, water drips and old or new water stains. You should also inspect the insulation between the floor joists for two other signs of possible water intrusions; dampness and mold growth.

Steadily Rising Energy Bills

If you haven’t changed your energy use habits but your monthly utility bills are on an upward trend, roof deterioration is a possible reason that may not even come to mind. The fact is, if rainwater is making its way into your attic because of roof deficiencies, it may have saturated the insulation on your attic floor and reduced its R-value. Without effective insulation, heat that builds up in the attic can transfer down through the ceilings into your finished living areas. Your HVAC equipment then has to work harder to maintain your usual comfort level, so it consumes more energy and your utility bills climb.

Significant Rooftop Moss Growth

Moisture-loving moss is a plant that flourishes in shaded and sheltered spots, such as the north-facing sides of a shingle roof. Moss can cause considerable hidden damage by loosening asphalt shingles and drawing water under the edges, which can result in decking and structural deterioration and make the roof more prone to leaks and susceptible to storm damage. If you see a significant amount of moss on some areas of your shingle roof, it should be inspected to see if it needs replacement.

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