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Guide to Basic Home Exterior Maintenance

Guide to Basic Home Exterior Maintenance

Guide to Basic Home Exterior Maintenance

Most homeowners aim to be DIY professionals when it concerns their own home and money. However, the reality of home improvement is that most of the work will be beyond your expertise and the tools and materials may not be available to you. If you plan on putting in the work and maintaining your home by yourself, be aware of safety hazards and your own limits.

Making Sure Your Gutters Are Flowing Properly

Cleaning your gutters is a common spring chore; tedious but nonetheless necessary. Debris collects over time and can cause damage to the downspouts, creating the possibility for water damage on your roof. With gloves and a bucket, grab handfuls of the remains and discard. When you are finished cleaning out your gutters, pour a small amount of water through to confirm the water flows through and lands about 5 feet away from your home’s foundation.

Look for Roof Damage

Simply take a short walk around the border of your home to look for:

  • Moss that may be growing
  • Spots that are sagging
  • Missing or broken shingles

If you are seeing any of these signs of roof damage, contact your roof contractor and schedule an inspection. Roof repair may be a necessary end to the process. If your roof is maintained well, it will add years to the lifespan of the roof.

Siding Cleaning

Your siding may be starting to look a little dull, however, a quick wash can brighten up the exterior of your home significantly. Using a soft cloth, or a soft bristled brush with a light cleaning solution, work your way up, starting from the bottom, and thoroughly rinse as you scrub.


To stop periodic floods from occurring in your home after heavy rain storms, create an easy French drain to direct water to run in the opposite direction from your home.


Clean up Your Landscaping

Having perfectly trimmed hedges, maintaining lively flowers, and keeping a luscious green lawn are all things homeowners aspire to achieve, and neighbors envy. Organic and natural weed control will be the best choice when clearing out unwanted sprouts. Without spreading harmful chemicals into the earth and without hurting desired green grass, natural weed controllers will kill the pests and leave your yard looking beautiful.

Remember that some home improvement projects are not safe to do by yourself and assistance may be necessary. Connect with Mark Kaufman Roofing, your local Sarasota contractor to receive a free roof estimate.

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