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Green Roofing Solutions for Your Flat Roof

Duro-lastResidents of Sarasota know about blistering heat and they know about rain that pours down in great, blinding sheets, lasting from mere minutes to hours on end. Sarasota residents are also all too familiar with roof leaks associated with the havoc the relentless heat, solar radiation, rain, and humidity can have on a residential or commercial flat roof. At Mark Kaufman Roofing, we offer green roofing solutions that can help reduce heat on a flat roof in Florida’s often punishing climate.

The Benefits of a Cool Flat Roof

A typical flat Florida roof can reach unbelievable temperatures of 120 degrees or more, generating a shimmering rooftop heat gain that affects a number of things, but primarily a homeowner’s or business owner’s energy costs. Any attempts at saving energy or reducing air-conditioning costs radiate right off of a Florida roof along with the heat.

Enter the CoolZone with a highly reflective, pre-fabricated, single-ply Duro-Last Roofing System, designed specifically to cool down and provide ultimate protection for a flat roof. This green roofing solution boasts an array of advantages over traditional flat roof roofing material:



  • Precision-fabricated to fit any flat roof, residential or commercial
  • Provides a water-tight membrane
  • Fire-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Reduces building energy consumption up to 40%
  • Invulnerable to high winds
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces “Urban Heat Islands” (the magnification and sharing of heat from one property to another that can ultimately result in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution)
  • High-reflectivity reduces up to 88% of the sun’s energy
  • Helps to insulate against winter heat loss


Mark Kaufman Roofing: Authorized Duro-Last Roofing Contractor

A Duro-Last single-ply membrane gets its strength from a weft-insertion knitted scrim sandwiched and laminated between two layers of PVC film — what this means in layman’s terms is strength, durability, and reduced rooftop heat gain.

As an authorized Duro-Last roofing contractor, Mark Kaufman Roofing professionals have been fully trained in the best installation methods for this innovative, green roofing membrane designed for any flat or low-sloped roof. Sarasota commercial or residential roof owners can feel confident that, with a Duro-Last Roofing System, they’ll not only have a watertight, wind-resistant roof, but one that saves energy and helps to reduce urban air pollution.

To learn more about the energy-efficiency of Duro-Last’s CoolZone Roofing System, contact Mark Kaufman Roofing.

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