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Get The Best Roof Repair Estimate from Your Roofing Contractor

Get The Best Roof Repair Estimate from Your Roofing Contractor

Get The Best Roof Repair Estimate from Your Roofing Contractor

You contact a local roofer and ask for a roof repair estimate, and sometimes the experience is less than pleasurable. In return for your call, in less than an hour, and having never even visited your North Port-area home, you get what the roofer describes as a “rough idea, but probably pretty close.” Ouch. Or, the roofer really does show up and stand in your driveway, finds the back of a scrap of paper, and writes down three or four numbers, totals them, and tells you (but does not write down) that the estimate is only good for 48 hours. Ouch, ouch. How can you get a reliable roof repair estimate?


A reliable, accurate roof repair estimate begins with the contractor or the contractor’s sales representative actually examining the issue. Some charges may be automatic—disposal fees, for example—but most of the estimate depends on your roof’s condition and other unique issues.

This means the estimator has to take time to check our your North Port home. A roofer’s truck and equipment has to get onto your property, so the estimator will check for ease of access (which cuts down preparation time). The estimator should be checking not just the exterior of your roof, but inside the attic, too.

All Inclusive

A roofer’s written (Make certain you get it in writing!) roof repair estimate should spell out important details and be very nearly all inclusive:

  • Diagnosis of the roof repair—including a description in layman’s terms, such as “replace missing shingles,” “repair all flashing,” or “remove existing roof down to sheathing and replace with underlayment, water shield, starter row, shingles, and ridge cap”
  • Cost of labor—including a total number of crew members to expect, such as a site manager, two roofers, and a helper
  • Cost of materials
  • Cost for getting permits, if needed
  • Cost for cleanup and debris removal
  • Landfill fees

In addition, the roofer should put in writing (as part of the roof repair estimate) an idea of the length of time needed for the work, a start date and the working hours. Many North Port homeowners are surprised that roofers arrive very early—some start at dawn—to beat the Florida heat.


Ask for evidence of the roofer’s state license. For example, Mark Kaufman Roofing operates under License # CCC044038. Ask for proof of insurance for both workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Use a local roofer. For prompt, reliable roof repair estimates, turn to the professionals and contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today.

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