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Clean Those Fall Leaves Up Quicker with These 4 Tips!

If you have large trees in your Sarasota yard, then your trees are likely filled with color and your lawn is likely filled with leaves. Raking and clearing those leaves does not have to take all day; there are simple tricks and tips that can help you clean up quicker so that you can enjoy the cool days of fall.

4 Tips to Faster Fall Clean Up

  1. Clean Those Fall Leaves Up Quicker with These 4 Tips!Use Your Lawnmower – Using your lawnmower can often be easier than raking, especially if you have a shredding or mulching lawn mower. Chop the leaves up with the lawnmower, then either leave them on the grass or use them in the garden as mulch.
  2. Go Bigger – If you enjoy raking, using a larger rake will help you grab more leaves and stop the clogging that is prone to happen. This allows you to rake up the leaves faster. You may also want to rake the leaves straight onto a tarp which provides for easier clean up and reduces the need to constantly bend.
  3. Use a Leaf Shredder – You can purchase or rent leaf shredders that will shred leaves into tiny pieces. This piece of equipment may be especially useful if you have a large yard with lots of trees. Once the shredder has worked its magic on the leaves, you can then use the leaves as mulch or place them in your compost pile.
  4. Rake Often – Raking once a week can actually reduce the overall time you spend raking, especially if you start as soon as the leaves begin falling. It will also reduce the chance of your lawn not getting enough oxygen throughout the fall, due to leaves smothering the grass.

These 4 ideas can help make fall clean-up easier, plus help keep your lawn healthy throughout the fall and winter.

Roof CleaningAnother area you will want to pay attention to when your leaves start falling, is your roof. A build-up of leaves can cause premature damage to your roof. Therefore, having your roof cleaned is a good idea and can save you money in the long run. At Mark Kaufman Roofing we can help you extend the life of your roof with our roof cleaning and coating services.

Mark Kaufman Roofing of Sarasota has been in the roofing business for over 30 years and believes in offering the highest quality workmanship alongside excellent customer service. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today to learn more about our roof cleaning services.

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