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Extend the Life and Look of Your Roof

The importance of roof maintenance in the North Port area can’t be overstated. Many homeowners believe that their roof is a “set and forget” proposition. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that the UV rays from the Florida sun affect all types of roofing materials. The hydrocarbon molecules in asphalt shingles eventually break down causing brittleness and cracking. Even metal roofs are not exempt from the sun as the paint can fade and take on a chalky appearance over time. These are all good reasons why roof maintenance is so critical.

The Importance of Annual Roof Cleaning

mk_roofcleaning_blogAnnual roof maintenance will not only give your North Port home or commercial property curb appeal, but will also extend the life of your roof. A build-up of debris – such as leaves, pine needles, and moss – can hold moisture and encourage algae growth which is common in south Florida due to the high heat and humidity. Downed branches could also damage or puncture a roof. Having all debris removed will help prevent damage to your roof and discoloration or break-down of your roofing material, thereby extending its life.

There are many DIY cleaning products available for the homeowner made especially for cleaning any discoloration of the roof from debris, but by having a licensed and bonded contractor, like Mark Kaufman Roofing, clean your roof  you can be sure your warranty remains in effect. Keep in mind, also, that there are shingles available that are algae-resistant.

Immediately following a cleaning is the optimal time for an inspection and repairing of any issues discovered. These can include:

  • Cracked or Slipped Shingles
  • Exposed Nails
  • Damaged or Cloudy Skylights
  • Leaks Around Vents and Chimneys


After cleaning your roof, Mark Kaufman Roofing contractors can give your roof further protection by applying a Karnak reflective coating for an extra layer of protection; Karnak Roof Coatings can help to reduce your cooling costs​.

Additional Roof Maintenance

There are other roof components that must also be looked after. For example, if your rain gutter is blocked or not draining properly it can damage your home’s foundation. Cleaning it and keeping it free of debris is important. If your North Port home’s gutters have problems with clogging frequently, our roofing professionals can eliminate that cleaning headache by installing a Rhino Gutter Guard system that will keep the debris out of the gutters.

At Mark Kaufman Roofing, we look forward to helping protect your home, your most important investment, in an efficient and affordable manner. We are fully licensed and bonded and have been named an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor and have been regularly chosen as a “Reader’s Choice Best Roofing Company” in North Port.

Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance of your North Port home’s roof.

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