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Sarasota Roof Tile DamageSarasota homeowners have come to love their tile roofs. Whether you have flat, Spanish style, or barrel tiles, these durable, weather-tight roofs give Sarasota-area homes a beauty and warmth that set them apart from asphalt-shingle roofs. Even tile roofs, though, may suffer damage and need emergency roof repair. Finding the right roofer to assess and repair your tile roof is vital to the safety and security of your home and family.

Sources of Roof Tile Damage

Tile roofs are extremely durable. They age beautifully and withstand most of what Mother Nature can dish out. No roof, however, can hold up indefinitely against some problems:

  • Blunt force damage from falling limbs
  • Pest incursion
  • Deliberate vandalism
  • Deterioration of flashing around chimney and in valleys
  • Weakened or separated gutters allowing water infiltration
  • Leaks around newly installed skylights, tubular daylighting devices, or roof vents

What to Look For

Some indications that your Sarasota home’s tile roof needs attention may be obvious—such as seeing the very tree branch that shattered a tile or two—but some signs will require a little investigation to determine if emergency roof repair is needed:

  • Visible dislocation of tiles—whether dislodged by a branch or a rock, loose or broken tiles probably mean your roof is no longer waterproof.
  • Water ponding in flat areas of the roof—a leak into the attic may be imminent.
  • Water stains in the attic or on ceilings in your living areas.
  • Rocks thrown on your Sarasota home’s tile roof can cause older tiles to shatter.
  • Sagging gutters—if you can see daylight between your gutter and fascia, water can get behind the gutter and seep into the attic.
  • Flat sheets of bright metal (your roof’s flashing) suddenly appear on the ground after a heavy rain.
  • You hear sounds of animals in the attic.

What to Do

A tile roof is no place for an inexperienced homeowner or handyman to be. In an attempt to survey damage, a homeowner can cause more damage to the tile, or slip and fall.

Mark Kaufman Roofing is qualified and experienced to handle emergency roof repair for tile roofs safely and quickly. We can match your existing tile with replacement pieces, reset flashing to provide watertight seals, and track down leaks to prevent further damage.

We will discuss the damage and options available, and provide speedy, emergency roof repair so you and your family can stay dry and secure in your Sarasota home. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing for an assessment of your roof today.

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