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How Roof Cleaning Can Double the Life of Your Roof

How Roof Cleaning Can Double the Life of Your Roof

How Roof Cleaning Can Double the Life of Your RoofThe contractors here at Mark Kaufman Roofing dislike seeing our clients spending more of their hard-earned money than necessary – especially when it comes to roofing. Since our business and passion consists of installing beautiful new residential and commercial roofs in the Sarasota area, we would like to offer some tips to help you get the absolute most life out of your roofing system. Our job becomes easier when homeowners know the fundamentals of maintenance and upkeep for the roof of their home. 

5 Tips to Double the Life of Your Roof

Whether your roof is composed of tile, metal, or shingle, it needs routine inspection and maintenance to ensure it lasts. With a bit of time, care, and these five tips, you will be able to ensure that your roof’s natural lifespan will be lengthened by many years:

  1. Inspect your roof twice a year. There is no need to climb a ladder, but rather, use binoculars to look for curling or missing shingles, cracked caulking at joints, chimneys, skylights and other penetrations, and for any signs of damage, dirt, debris or wear. This is especially important after bad weather.
  2. Be proactive about problems found. Little problems quickly escalate into large, expensive repair projects, proportionate to the time they are left alone.
  3. Keep trees trimmed away from the house by at least 10 feet. This prevents roof damage from falling limbs and from rodents who use branches to access rooftops. Trimmed trees also help limit the accumulation of leaves. If leaves build up and rot on a roof, the roof will rot as well. Using a garden hose or a leaf blower (not a pressure washer), clean off leaves as soon as possible. Enlist a tree service for trim work – their fee is small compared to roof repair and replacement.
  4. Watch for moss. Typically, the growth of black algae on a roof is simply unsightly. Moss growth is more concerning; it degrades wood or composite roofing materials. Mark Kaufman Roofing uses an environmentally friendly cleaner to clean your roof.
  5. Clean your gutters in the spring and again in the fall. Leaves and other vegetative debris in your gutters and downspouts create a water-soaked mess which wicks moisture under shingles and roof sheathing – clean gutters will help alleviate this problem.

We Can Help!

At Mark Kaufman Roofing, we can help you with roof cleaning, maintenance and inspection. After our specialists have cleaned your roof, if you have a flat roof, they can also apply Karnak roof coatings and sealants.  These waterproof your roof and reduce its surface temperature, keeping your home cooler.

Contact Mark Kaufman today and talk to one of our specialists about scheduling roof cleaning and regular maintenance for your Sarasota home.

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