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How Your Roofer Repairs Damaged Roof Shingles

How Your Roofer Repairs Damaged Roof Shingles

How Your Roofer Repairs Damaged Roof Shingles

How long can you expect your North Port home’s shingles to last? It’s a bit of a woodchuck question: how long roof shingles last is however long they last, based on installation, quality of materials, repair history, and more. Yet that does not help you, the North Port homeowner, know when to call on your neighborhood residential roofer for repairs. So, here is your guide to getting shingles repaired or replaced. 

Not For You

Big-box home improvement stores sell a lot of packages of shingles to weekend warriors. Yet almost none of those do-it-yourselfers have the slightest idea how to roof a house, much less make safe repairs. So, first: roof repair or complete roof replacement is not for you

Contact a nearby roofing contractor if you need your roof inspected or repaired. Your contractor comes equipped with the right tools, talented roofers, and safety procedures to make long-lasting repairs to your shingle roof. 

Just as professional roofing work is not a DIY project, it is not appropriate for handyman services, either. Your roof’s warranty could be voided if you allow inexperienced or untrained workers to attempt repairs. 

Done Right

Leaks on steep-slope roofs (like most residential homes have) are very easy for trained professionals to diagnose and repair. The roofer identifies the source of the leak, determines which roofing components need to be repaired or replaced, and makes the repair. 

Roof shingles themselves are not repaired, as in, they are not glued back together. They are carefully removed, one shingle at a time, and replaced expertly with a new shingle matching the existing color (nearly as possible). 

However, if underlayment is the problem, your roofer may need to take up a substantial portion of your home’s roof to get to the faulty underlayment. The repair could be extensive in square footage, though it is still an easy repair job for an experienced roofer.

You can safely contribute to this roof repair process by spotting leaks inside your home or attic. Look for:

  • Dripping water
  • Stains on ceilings and walls
  • Discolored drywall
  • Musty smells of mold and mildew
  • Damp attic insulation

From the safety of your yard, always check your roof after major storms to spot:

  • Dislodged shingles
  • Curled, cracked, crazed, or dented shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Bent or broken gutters

Other signs of a roof leak include clammy spots on the ceiling around interior vents (in the kitchen and bath) and brittle or missing caulking around roof penetrations. 

Rubber boots around sanitary stacks often degrade under Florida’s strong ultraviolet light, leaving them susceptible to allowing water in through tiny gaps between boot and standpipe. 

When discussing your concerns, share all your findings with your roofer. A single dripping leak may be a minor repair, or it could indicate widespread damage. Your roofer will evaluate your existing roof, looking for:

  • Indications of the quality of original installation
  • Signs of previous repair work
  • A sense of your roof’s age
  • Suggestions of the kinds of weather your shingle roof has endured
  • Problem areas needing immediate attention, beyond the obvious leak
  • Weak spots pointing toward complete roof replacement

Two Options

Shingle roof work really falls into one of two options:

  • Repair
  • Replace

If roof repair makes economic sense, expect your roofer to suggest professional roof repair. This may entail working on only one or two spots. Or, it could mean a program of all-inclusive touch-ups and adjustments. Fresh caulking, reseated flashing, replacing some shingles, adding a roof vent to reduce humidity — all of these are routine solutions your roofer may suggest and complete. 

If, though, complete roof replacement is a wiser move, your roofer will outline your options. Never let concerns about financing or scheduling deter you from getting prompt, thorough roof repair or replacement. Too much lies underneath your home’s roof, and you cannot risk everything:

  • Your furnishings
  • Your personal, sentimental items
  • Artwork, clothing, jewelry
  • Your family’s comfort, health, and security

Your North Port home’s roof shelters all you own, so delay is a huge gamble you should not be willing to take. Though complete shingle roof replacement may seem a drastic step when all you thought you had was a leaky roof, it may be the least expensive, fastest solution. You will have peace of mind and years of trouble-free service with a new roof over your head. 

Go With the Best

Having ruled out DIY and handyman solutions, who do you turn to for expertise in roof repair and roof replacement? Your local trusted residential roofer can provide a long-lasting repair to withstand harsh weather and maintain your existing roof’s warranty.

For homes in the North Port area, Mark Kaufman Roofing is your quality roofer offering a full range of repair work (tile, metal, low-slope, and shingle) as well as complete roof replacement services. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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