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Can The Damage On Your Metal Roof Be Repaired?

Can The Damage On Your Metal Roof Be Repaired?

Can The Damage On Your Metal Roof Be Repaired?

Metal rooftops are rugged and versatile but not impervious to damage. Wind-thrown debris, rust, and water leaks can all diminish the lifespan of a metal roof. Although it’s essential to repair any issues found immediately, it’s equally important to keep up with ongoing preventative roof maintenance. If your metal roof has recently sustained damage, you may be wondering if repairs can fix the problem. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Assessing the Damage

Problems like leaks or gaps between the panels are usually easy to repair. Extensive damage such as a severely bent panel may require replacement. Sometimes, the damage to the roof may appear much worse than it is. Professionals will need to thoroughly inspect the roof to examine the full extent of the problem. This includes checking the roof from beneath to ensure there are no active leaks.

What Goes into Repairing a Metal Roof?

Small holes may be sealed with membranes or metal patches, although the exact technique will depend on the type of metal needing repair. Using grinders and other tools, contractors can effectively remove any rust and light cosmetic damage. More extensive damage may require the replacement of a larger section of the roof. It may also be necessary to order certain specialty materials to complete a metal roof repair

Preventing Damage with Roof Maintenance

Keeping up with regular roof maintenance is the best way to ensure your roof lasts. Ensure the roof is kept clean to reflect sunlight and ensure the gutters are clear of any debris. Experts recommend inspecting a roof at least twice a year. It’s essential to inspect the roof and gutters following a major storm. When conducting an inspection, professionals will look for various issues, such as:

  • Missing or damaged fasteners
  • Large spaces between panels
  • Signs of rust
  • Areas of standing water
  • Punctures in the metal
  • Broken flashing
  • Signs of damage to the roof’s supporting structure
  • Cracked caulking or sealant

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