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Common Shingle Repairs From Florida’s Weather

Common Weather

There are an array of roofing issues you may come across as a homeowner during the lifetime of your roof, but some are more common than others. Sooner or later, any roof will need shingle roof repair, whether it comes from everyday wear and tear or weather damage in Florida. But there are several types of shingle roof repairs that happen more often than others. Don’t wait too long on repairs, either, or you could end up with more damage and more costs.

Repair 1: Storm Damage

Florida can have nasty storms and one of the most common shingle roof repair issues is due to those storms. The wind blows shingles off or curls them up so they aren’t effective any longer. And sometimes the storm might bring hail or other elements as well.

Repair 2: Roof Valleys

While valleys along roof lines can add architectural interest, they can also lead to the need for shingle roof repair. These valleys collect leaves, tree limbs, water, and more. If you don’t keep the areas free from debris, it could discourage the natural downward flow of water, which can then damage your shingles.

Repair 3: Vent Pipe Seals

The seals around your vent pipes may wear out or crack over time, which causes the need for repairs. The shingles around them may need to be replaced as well as part of the process.

Repair 4: Worn Out Shingles

Over time, the hot air and humidity in Florida is simply going to start to wear on shingles. Some shingles may show their age faster than others due to how much sun they get. Certain shingles might curl or crack and need shingle roof repair in order to avoid leaks.

If you see a small issue with your shingles you might think to climb up onto the roof and fix things yourself. However, it’s never safe on the roof and hiring an experienced contractor is critical to your shingle roof repair. You get longevity along with the repair as well as insurance, safety, and an overall sense of peace about the process.

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