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graphic with the quote How To Choose Between Metal And Tile For Your Florida Roof

How To Choose Between Metal And Tile For Your Florida Roof

graphic with the quote How To Choose Between Metal And Tile For Your Florida Roof

When you return home to your North Port sanctuary every evening, you want to feel good about all you see. Lovely entryway, crisp window and trim lines, handsome roof. When you opt for a metal or tile roof, you can enjoy that feeling for decades. 

Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody’s perfect. Take the Gators, for example. While University of Florida athletes in the 2020 Olympics were scooping up eight gold medals in swimming events, Gator softballers and baseball players were losing two gold medal games. 

Roofing materials are not perfect, either. No single material — low-slope single-ply, asphalt shingles, tile, metal panels — is right for every Florida home. 

Smart roofers help loyal clients make their own decisions. Sketchy roofers push particular materials or brands so they can seize the check and move on. 

Be a smart homeowner. Go with an intelligent roofer and find out everything you can about both long-lasting roofing choices:

  • Metal roofing — 5V crimp is a simple, straightforward answer to Florida’s strong winds, rough weather, and heavy rains
  • Tile roofing — While you can still get traditional ceramic and terracotta tiles, you can also uncover the marvels of technology in concrete tiles made to look like just about any roof material


Both 5V crimp metal roofing and concrete tile last around 30 years. In residential roofing, that is unequaled and unheard of. Shingles last perhaps 20 years. Low-slope roofing (as with small roofs over a pool, patio, porch, or addition) lasts around 15 to 20 years. Nothing else can touch the longevity and durability of both metal and tile

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing is an excellent heat conductor but is rarely installed directly against a Florida roof. Instead, metal roofing is attached to battens that provide air space, making metal roofing energy efficient (and quiet in the rain). 

Since metal roofing is usually sold with the desired paint color and a highly reflective, clear finish, metal roofing is considered a cool roofing material. The surface radiates heat away from your home. 

Concrete tile roofing is far more energy efficient than shingles, simply because it presents so much thickness, very little heat conducts into your Florida home’s attic. Properly installed, concrete tile can allow plenty of air circulation, the key to energy-efficient roofing. 

Fire Resistance

Both metal roofing and concrete tile roofing are Class A Fire Resistant, meaning they will survive between two and four hours before igniting. 

That time is meaningless, however. Concrete tile cannot catch fire or allow fire to spread. Metal roofing does not ignite. Under heat and stress, it may sag a bit, but it will not allow a fire to start or spread. 

Wind Resistance

Metal roofing can withstand hurricane-force winds with hurricane clips as required by most Florida building codes. Most metal roofing is classified to handle winds between 110 and 160 miles per hour. 

Tile roofing can withstand winds up to 125 mph. Because of their unitized and loose installation, concrete tiles allow wind to move through and around each tile, reducing the possibility of wind uplift. 

Colors and Styles

Tile roofing offers many shapes (shakes, barrel, Spanish, and more) and colors. Dry pigments are mixed into the concrete mixture to bake in color. Your roof stays beautiful for decades. 

Mark Kaufman Roofing provides metal roofing in 5V Crimp panels, one of the most popular and sleek styles in a wide array of colors. 

Curb Appeal

Both tile and metal roofing boost curb appeal for prospective buyers. Yet each has its place; Spanish tile naturally adds to the value of Spanish-inspired architecture. Metal roofing is an attractive and eye-catching choice for multi-story homes, contemporary designs, and Western ranch styles. 


No homeowner should ever undertake roof maintenance alone. Leave the roof work to trained professionals equipped with the right safety gear and years of experience. 

Metal roofing requires almost no maintenance. Every year, your roofer can inspect the roof for oil-canning, elongated fastener holes, or signs of rust. These are all easily dealt with by your skilled roofer. 

Tile roofing can attract moss and can be brittle if walked upon. Tile roofs require at least an annual inspection and cleaning

Both roof types are far less difficult to maintain than shingles, most green roofing solutions, and low-slope roofs. 


Evaluating the cost of a new metal or tile roof requires input from your local roofer. The material selection, size of your roof, and other factors influence the installation costs. While both tile and metal roofing have a higher up-front cost than shingles, their long life means you pay far less per year for the roof’s lifetime.

Mark Kaufman Roofing in North Port, Florida, can help you choose the best roof for your home. Contact us today for unbiased advice on metal or tile roofing. We can even help with shingle, low-slope, and green roofing solutions.

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