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What Are The Best Residential Roofing Practices?

What Are The Best Residential Roofing Practices?

What Are The Best Residential Roofing Practices?

Roof installation is only one aspect of residential roofing services. What should you expect from your local, helpful roofer? What are residential roofing best practices to watch for?


You can do your part to protect your roof and ensure its long life by having your roof inspected and maintained regularly. Twice a year is recommended, generally in early spring and again in mid-fall. You may also consider asking your friendly roofer to take a look after any major storms. 


Never go up on a roof, no matter how low its slope or how close it is to the ground. You can hurt yourself with a slip and fall from even a one-story roof. Expect to see your roofer practice best safety practices during inspection and maintenance:

  • Fall protection equipment
  • Team work
  • Clean worksite
  • Work boots, gloves, eye protection

Your Eyes Only

A word of caution: observe your home’s roof with your eyes only. But, from the ground or a few feet up an extension ladder, you can see problem areas:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Shingle granules in your gutters
  • Signs of moisture in the interior of the home, such as water leaks, wet or damp walls, and signs of mold
  • Debris on your roof from storms, children’s play equipment, or downed branches
  • Moss or algae growing on the roof exterior
  • Previous repairs to your roof which may not be aging well


An important best practice any reputable residential roofer must follow is clear communication. When you look about for a partner in roofing to protect your investment in your home, call the prospective roofer’s office. Do they answer promptly, can you speak to a person, and do they return calls quickly? 

After connecting with a particular roofer for maintenance and repair work, does the roofer keep in touch, confirming schedules and answering questions? Those are all best practices in residential roofing. 


Among residential roofing best practices, quality has to rank first, last, and everywhere in between. Rely on a high-quality roofer to catch and repair even the smallest issues; that work ethic saves you money over the years by postponing full roof replacement. 

When you contact us today at Mark Kaufman Roofing, you get an ally in roof preservation. We can provide semi annual inspections, routine repairs, and (if needed) full roof replacement. We follow all the best roofing practices and take immense pride in our work. 

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