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How to Pick the Best Replacement Shingles for Your Home

How to Pick the Best Replacement Shingles for Your Home

How to Pick the Best Replacement Shingles for Your Home

Your roof has reached the end of its lifespan and it’s time to replace it. Before you select a shingle that matches the old roof, take time to consider which replacement shingles are best for your home. That way your home will look its best for the next 20+ years.

Home Styles Considered

What style is your home? Architectural design plays a role in deciding which shingle works best for your home.

For example, a modern home often has a flatter, low slope roof. The style brings in accents of chrome, stainless steel, and marble. A darker roof would pair well with the clean lines of this style of home.

If your home is Mediterranean in style, your exterior may be covered in stucco with arched openings for the doors and windows. Earth tones tend to work best for this style of home.

A ranch style home often has a long roofline paired with brick or wood cladding on the exterior of the home. Colors drawn from the brick or wood would make a perfect match.

Shingle Style Makes a Difference

Asphalt shingles come in two main styles. First is the more traditional flat, three-tab style. The second is the multi-layer architectural style shingle.

The flat, three-tab style has been around for decades. It’s the style that was put on ranch homes throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. It works well on almost any style of home. However, for a home with a more traditional style, these shingles may not be the best choice.

The architectural style shingle mimics the look of a wood shake. It’s the perfect choice for more traditional home styles like Victorian or French Country. However, it also works well with more contemporary styles.

Color Makes the Shingle

The home’s style and the shingle style are two critical factors for choosing replacement shingles. The final piece of the puzzle is the color.

Roofing comes in multiple colors. Most are varying shades of gray, brown, red, and black. Some are shades of blue and green. With so many shades available, finding the right color can be challenging.

Survey your neighborhood to see what roof colors appear attractive to you and which ones don’t. Get samples from your roofer and see how they look against your home’s exterior in different types of light.

Hiring a qualified contractor is critical when replacing a roof. Call Mark Kaufman Roofing today.

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