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How to Have the Best Design Sense for Shingle Replacement

How to Have the Best Design Sense for Shingle Replacement

How to Have the Best Design Sense for Shingle Replacement

How does your home look from the street level? How much of the roof can you see? Does the color and style of your current shingles enhance your home’s look? These are all considerations when you are selecting shingles. Let’s look at how you can use design sense when replacing your roof shingles.

The Design Aspect


When someone views your house from the sidewalk, your roof could make up 40% of what that person is seeing. That’s why shingle selection is so important to your home’s exterior.


Your home’s style and existing exterior are critical factors in your shingle choice. A Victorian home would traditionally have wood shakes or slate tiles on it, while a mid-century rambler came with 3-tab shingles. If your home has wood siding, your choice of shingle will be different from a home with a brick exterior.


The color of your home should influence your choice of shingle. You want a shingle color that elevates your home’s look while complementing its existing exterior color and texture.


Shingle Styles


When selecting roof shingles, style is your first choice. There are two main asphalt shingle styles on the market today: 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles.


The traditional 3-tab is flat with three equal size tabs that appear as single shingles. When applied to a roof, this option’s even appearance works great on many styles of homes.


The architectural shingle is made of multiple layers with different shades of colors, which helps give it the appearance of a traditional wood shake. It offers a three-dimensional look that the 3-tab style doesn’t have. Architectural shingles are also available that mimic the look of slate and tile.



Color is often the hardest choice to make when it comes to shingles, with so many options available.


An easy way to get started is to drive around your neighborhood and look at different roof colors. It will help you determine which colors appeal and which ones you want to avoid.


With that in mind, talk with your roofing contractor about getting a sample of the colors you like. These physical samples will give you the chance to see how they look with your exterior and trim color at different times of day and in different types of light.


For help replacing your roof, contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today. We offer a number of shingle styles and colors to enhance your home’s exterior.

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