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What to Do After Storm Damage

What to Do After Storm Damage

What to Do After Storm Damage

After a storm has hit, you might be a little shaken, especially if your home has sustained some type of damage. However, calling your insurance company and your roofing contractor as soon as possible will help get back on track. Get the entire ordeal out of your head sooner rather than later!

Clean Up

First of all, clean up your property! Make sure that your yard is free of tree branches that have fallen, outdoor furniture that has been thrown around by the storm, and any other materials that have been scattered. Get rid of all mangled items and start fresh!

Checking for Leaks

If there are water stains running down your walls, pooling on your ceiling, and mold growth in your walls, your roof is probably leaking. Sometimes, even during a heavy rainstorm, you may see and feel water actually coming into your home.

Go up in your attic on a rainy day to try to see where the water is leaking from. If you can locate where the water is coming from, then the problem can definitely be fixed! However, because a leak can only get worse with time, call your contractor right away to send out a roof repair team and get the problem fixed. You don’t want the water damage to spread into the rest of your home.

Missing Shingles

If the recent storms have had extremely strong winds accompanying them, it might be smart to take a walk around the perimeter of your home to look for cracked, broken, and missing shingles. Leaving your roof exposed without shingles will cause leaks to easily form. After you have inspected your roof from the ground and find you have issues with your shingles, call your contractor to come do a roof repair.

How to Work With a Roof Repair Contractor

A good relationship between you and your contractor will improve with time you have together. When both parties respect one another, productivity will increase. In addition, working with a trusted hometown contractor will be beneficial for both you and your home in the long run. If you have the same contractor coming back to inspect and repair your roof for the entire lifespan of the shingle roof they initially installed, that contractor will be able to work more efficiently due to roof familiarity.

If you need roof repairs done after a storm, connect with Mark Kaufman Roofing to get it done right, the first time.

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