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Adding Autumn Color to Your House and Yard

Adding Autumn Color to Your House and Yard

The fall season has arrived. Even though the area around Sarasota does not get the changing leaves of the north, the cooler winds of autumn do start to tame the hot Florida summers. Now is the perfect time to add some autumn color to your yard and to the outside of your home.

Start with the Front Door

Adding Autumn Color to Your House and Yard
A traditional styled older home decorated in autumn decore.

The focal point of your home is your front door. Adding a seasonal wreath to your door is a simple way to give your home an autumn feel. Silk autumn leaves wound around a twig wreath base is one option; dried corn cobs and husks are another. You can create your own wreath or buy one that suits your taste.

If you have a good size porch or even a decent stoop, planters filled with autumn flowers bring a fresh classic feeling. Mums and asters are good choices. With the warmer weather in Florida, you could also select other autumn colored flowers like marigolds and cassia. Go to your local nursery and check out what is available.

Add Some Natural and Weathered Elements

  • Pine cones are nature’s way of decorating. Gather a few or buy a bag at your local hobby shop. Then, add them to your porch. Make a garland of pine cones to decorate your porch rail and add one or two to your door wreath.
  • Gourds and pumpkins are great for decorating and lighting your front porch and walkway. Hollow out a few gourds and add candles to them. They provide a nice illumination for guests arriving for an autumn gathering.
  • Corn stalks are an easy addition to the corner of your porch or attached in a bunch to a porch rail. Gather three or four dried stalks together and see where they best stand near your front door.
  • Add a weathered look to your porch or yard. An old wooden chair without a seat transforms into a great spot for mums. A weathered metal stand is a great place to display some gourds and pine cones.


Have Your Sarasota Roofing Checked

When you start decorating for autumn, check to see if your home is ready for the cooler weather ahead. It is a good time to have a qualified Sarasota roofing company like Mark Kaufman Roofing come out and do any roof repairs you might need.

Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today for an inspection of your Sarasota roofing.

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