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what you need to know about solar roofing technology

What You Need To Know About Solar Roofing Technology

what you need to know about solar roofing technology

Solar roofing is an emerging, exciting innovation offering Florida residents the benefits of solar panels without the noticeable, raised racks of traditional arrangements.

What is Solar Roofing?

Rackless solar systems include:

  • Direct-attachment panels 
  • Embedded solar roof panels — a complete roof with panels topped by tempered glass

Steady improvements in producing longer-lasting panels and increased efficiency means big payoffs for homeowners considering installation.

The sun produces enough energy (in the form of electromagnetic radiation) to power just about all our needs, every day. For number mavens, about 174 quadrillion watts of power hit the earth each day, according to

A typical home in America uses 30 kilowatt hours a day. Typical solar installations produce around 28 kilowatt hours in a six-hour peak period (mid-day). 

How Solar Roofing Works

The benefits of solar roofing include the clean production of electricity from an unending, completely clean source: our sun. For the investment of the equipment, you can get a lifetime of free energy. 

If your home produces more energy than you use, you can even sell the excess back to your local power company. For remote locations, solar power may be the ideal way to get off the grid and back to nature. 

Solar roofing depends on the efficient conversion of solar radiation (that EM spectrum) into electricity, a process that takes photons (light particles) from the sun and knocks electrons free from the photons. The freed electron travels along an electrical circuit as if it were harvested. That movement of electrons is electricity!

You may think a solar panel can only do this knock-off trick only a few times before it loses its harvesting ability, but that is not the case. Typical panels last 20 to 30 years. Their efficiency degrades very slowly, too: an NREL study showed only 0.5 percent efficiency degradation a year. So in ten years, your new panels will be five percent less efficient than they were at installation. 

The electricity produced by nearly all solar roofing products is DC (direct current), which is changed to alternating current (AC) for your home’s use. An inverter handles this aspect, and sometimes energy storage cells can be added to the array. Even on cloudy days, and at night, your home can still use solar energy. 

Steady Improvements

Considering how new solar energy is to our society, advances are moving at breakneck speed. Solar conversion devices are getting ever-more efficient. Engineers can get faster, more efficient conversion from photon to electron than ever before. 

Often with solar technology, the reality is a pale imitation of the theory:

  • Roofs are pitched in a less-than-ideal direction for solar energy
  • Fragile panels cannot stand flexion, wind uplift, or drastic temperature changes

In the hands of skilled installers, such as the roofing professionals of Mark Kaufman Roofing, today’s solar products can produce abundant energy at a minimal cost. 

More on Direct Attachment Panels

GAF has recently brought onto the market a system of panels attaching directly to your roof’s deck (the underlayment and sheathing). These are then surrounded by traditional fiberglass-asphalt shingles. The entire system is flashed (sealed with metal edging) for a truly watertight seal.  

GAF’s DecoTech solves the solar panel problems early adopters encountered:

  • Sleek design prevents wind uplift
  • Low profile boosts curb appeal
  • High output panels integrate smoothly with the roofline

Since the solar panels replace shingles, you need not pay for a complete shingle roof, only to have vast swaths of it covered with the raised panels. Their ample size provides typically complete coverage across a garage roof or other major roof surface. 

As designed and installed by Mark Kaufman Roofing, the DecoTech system includes all this:

  • 12 panels to provide an expansive 13.5 x 28.3 feet of solar collectors
  • Production of between 700 and 1,400 kilowatt-hours (Kwh) of electricity per month
  • Golden Pledge warranty protection
  • Potential for a 30 percent tax credit on the entire roof and solar combined cost

With the ease and security of GAF products and expert installation by Mark Kaufman Roofing, you have every reason to go solar and save money. 

Solar Warranty?

With innovative products that work with your home’s roof instead of on it, a modern solar installation can receive the same warranty protection as the rest of your roof. No one can guarantee the sun will still be shining 50 years from now (odds are good, given its 4.6-billion-year age now). Yet your solar can get the same Golden Pledge warranty extended by GAF to its shingle roofing systems. 

This means you get a 25-year craftsmanship warranty and a 50-year non-prorated warranty on labor and material. 

Turn to Mark Kaufman Roofing to tap into the greatest advances in roofing. Contact us today to learn how solar roofing can lower your energy bills, add value to your Florida home, and brighten your future.

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