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Will You Be Able To Recycle Your Metal Roof?

Will You Be Able To Recycle Your Metal Roof?

Will You Be Able To Recycle Your Metal Roof?

While it’s possible to recycle components of most roof systems, metal materials are one of the most eco-friendly options. Even slightly damaged or rusted panels can be recycled to manufacture new products. Take a few moments to learn more about different metals used in roofing and how they are recycled.

Recyclable Metal Roof Materials

The most common metals used in building a roof include copper, aluminum, steel, and zinc. The value of these metals will vary depending on demand and weight. Metal roofing materials made from previously used metal are called post-consumer recycled. In contrast, pre-consumer recycled metal consists of the extra scraps of material left over during the manufacturing process. Talk with your contractor about using post-consumer recycled materials for your roof replacement if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of newly manufactured alternatives. 

Benefits of Metal Roof Recycling

A metal roof is excellent at lowering energy costs by reflecting much of the sun’s heat. Using green roofing options like metal can reduce your carbon footprint and directly contribute to a sustainable future. Another thing to consider is many traditional roofing materials often end up in a landfill once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. Investing in metal roofing helps move the world in a more sustainable direction by eliminating unnecessary waste. Another benefit of metal roof recycling is the financial incentive. For certain metals like copper, you can get back a decent sum of money to put toward the cost of the new roof. 

Things to Consider about Metal Recycling

Removing and transporting the panels of a metal roof is a job best left for professionals. Their familiarity with the recycling process, equipment, and expertise will make the job much easier. Some metal recycling facilities can arrange to pick up materials from your location and save you a lot of trouble. Be sure to call a few places to check about their policies on metal retrieval. You may also want to consider saving some metal for yourself to use on other smaller construction projects. 

If it’s time to recycle your old metal roof, trust in Mark Kaufman Roofing for superior service. We’ve remained an industry leader since 1977, helping customers throughout Newport and surrounding communities with all their roofing needs. Call us to learn more about metal recycling or reusing old materials for a new roof installation.

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