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Here Are 9 Things Your Roof Maintenance Needs To Include

Here Are 9 Things Your Roof Maintenance Needs To Include

Here Are 9 Things Your Roof Maintenance Needs To Include

Many homeowners rarely consider the possibility of leaks until such problems crop up. If you wait, the roof damage may have already spread to a point where simple roof repairs may not fix the situation. Regular roof maintenance is a great way to keep your roof in a good condition and ensure nothing is missed. Here are some things to consider during periodic roof inspections.

General Items

1 – Keep a clear record of who goes on the roof, when they were on it, why they were on it, and where they were.
2 – Record the status of each thing you look at. Do they need anything done to them, just need to be monitored, or they’re in good shape? If there is any action needed, specify where they are located on the roof and take pictures of the damage.
3 – Keep a toolkit with the following tools and equipment in it: a checklist and pencil to take notes, roof plans, a camera, a tape measure, and a flashlight.

Observations from the Inside of your Building

4 – From the inside of your home, inspect the state of your walls and ceilings. Do they show signs of mold growth, have dark spots, or show peeling paint?
5 – Look out for damp areas around vents and chimneys. Don’t forget to check inside the attic for signs of leaks, wet insulation, mold growth, structural damage, and water stains, especially in areas around roofing penetrations.
6 – Is there proper ventilation in the attic? Maintaining proper attic ventilation will help extend the life of your roof by reducing heat transfer and protecting rafters from severe contraction and expansion. Check if there are any cracks in the sheathing and rafters. Also, look for light showing through the roof.
7 – Note down if there are leaks and where they’re located. Take pictures of the leaking areas and call your local roofer immediately to fix the issue before it causes further water damage to your home.

Observations from Outside or On Top of your Roof

8 – From the outside, look for visible damage and debris piling up on your roof. With age, roofing materials can deteriorate or become loose and fall off. If you notice anything wrong, have your roofer look at it immediately. Also, look out for blocked or broken gutters and downspouts and have them cleaned or replaced.
9 – Finally, look out for wear and tear in flashings, chimneys, fascia, vents, drip edges, and decking. If some are missing, corroded, rusted, or rotten, have them replaced and resealed with caulking or roofing tar to close gaps and prevent moisture infiltration.

Stay Proactive to Catch Roof Problems Early!

With a proactive approach to roof maintenance, you can get the most out of your roof. Keep your maintenance checklist up to date by scheduling periodic inspections and maintenance. It’s a great way to catch problems early and avoid major repairs or costly replacements. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing for all your roofing needs in North Port, FL.

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