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5 Maintenance Tips for Your Shingle Roof

5 Maintenance Tips for Your Shingle Roof

5 Maintenance Tips for Your Shingle Roof

Inspecting your roof annually is the first step in shingle roof maintenance. Your roof protects your home from the elements. Keeping that protection up to date and maintaining it is vital to the health of your home. These five maintenance tips will help.

1. Check and Maintain your Gutters and Down Spouts

Your gutters are there to collect runoff and move it away from your home. If the gutter is clogged, it will back up, collecting water and debris while putting pressure on your roof. After a significant amount of time, it can create the perfect environment to sprout plants or mildew that will weed its way up under parts of your shingles, weakening the roof. The dampness is also a breeding environment for all types of insects like palmetto bugs and ants. It is also just as important to maintain and clean out the down spouts.

2. Check for and Clear any Debris

Any time there is a heavy wind or even a small storm, there will be a chance of debris landing on your home. It is important to remove and clear any large debris to protect your shingled roof. Things like leaves and twigs can cause water to pool on your shingles, causing them to weaken and become damaged.

3. Check for Loose or Damaged Shingles

Damaged or loose shingles need to be repaired before they turn into a larger problem. Inspect your roof for any shingles that look chipped, torn, or missing. Once located, those should be replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent long term damage.

4. Check for Overhanging Trees and Cutback Limbs

Trees that are too close to your home tend to cause damage to your roof. Look for dead limbs that may fall on your shingles or large branches that hang over your home that could come off in a storm. Trim or cut trees away from the edge of your home to prevent them from any contact with your shingles.

5. Check in the Attic and any Overhangs

Take a walk around your home and inspect the overhangs around the edge of your roof.  Look for any water marks, damage, or rotting wood. It is also proactive to go into the attic with a flashlight and look for water damage at least once a year.

Proper shingle roof maintenance will extend the life of your shingle roof.  For expert help with your next shingle roof replacement, contact us today at Mark Kaufman Roofing. We service the roofing needs of North Port, Sarasota, and the surrounding region.

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