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3 Ways to Cut to the Chase on Roof Repair Prioritization

3 Ways to Cut to the Chase on Roof Repair Prioritization

3 Ways to Cut to the Chase on Roof Repair Prioritization

Leaking roofs must be repaired immediately. Roof repairs are critical anywhere and especially in Florida, where storms come through at any time of year. You should make a list of the necessary repairs and prioritize the items that are most important to keep your roof in the best condition.

1. Shingle and Tile Repairs

You may not have a leak, just a few shingles or pieces of tile material that blew off in the last storm. A loose or cracked shingle can lead to problems with the underlayment and cause leaks. This also applies to ceramic and composite tiles.

You may have noticed bits and pieces of shingle or tile material on the ground after the outer band remnants of Hurricane Matthew or another less forceful storm hit the Gulf area. This is an indication of roof damage even if you do not have a leak in the ceiling. 

Damaged shingles and tiles that are not replaced will continue to deteriorate in the heat, wind and rain. This will eventually cause more extensive and expensive problems. It is time to call a professional service for roofing repairs. Do not try to access the roof yourself.

2. Flashing Repairs

The flashing allows water to be diverted into the rain gutters. These metal strips can come loose. They need to be tightened or replaced. This is a very important part of roofing repairs.  

The flashing is also where chimneys, dormer windows and skylights are attached to the roof. This material prevents leaks in these joined areas.

A loose flashing may be hard to spot unless part of the metal strip has rusted and fallen onto the ground. This is an area that should be professionally inspected before the next rain storm to avoid leaks.

3. Roof Coating and Cleaning

Coating the roof with waterproof and moss retardant products will extend the life of tile and shingle roofing materials. Reflective coatings that can also be used on metal roofs will save energy by reflecting the sun’s rays.

Roofs also have to be professionally cleaned occasionally to preserve tiles and shingles.

Mark Kaufman Roofing Contractors serving the Sarasota area, has all of the equipment to safely access and inspect your roof. We will give you an honest estimate of the necessary repairs. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing for immediate roofing repairs and continual maintenance programs to keep your roof in good condition.




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