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3 Actions Steps For A Leaky Roof

3 Actions Steps For A Leaky Roof

3 Actions Steps For A Leaky Roof

Any signs or indications of a roof leak – no matter how minor – should be addressed immediately. For one thing, irreversible structural damage may be set in motion already, requiring quick action to minimize total repair costs. Additionally, failure to move forward with a roof leak as soon as it’s noticed could violate the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy, leaving you in the lurch when it’s time for reimbursement.

Use 1-2-3 Simple Actions & Repair Roof Leaks Quickly

Don’t feel overwhelmed by yet another item on your “list-of-things-to-do.” Follow these three, simple, actionable steps and your roof will be as good as new in no time.

1) Find a reputable, licensed roofing contractor

Most roof leaks are the result(s) of loose flashing, penetrations from branches/tree limbs after a storm, resting or blocked water on flat(ter) roof surfaces and/or long-term lack of maintenance. A licensed roofing professional will assess the damage (and causes) free of charge, and provide an itemized estimate of repair and/or replacement costs.

If you don’t have a go-to roofing contractor, take the time to find the right one for the job. Read, The Best Questions to Find the Right Roofer, to assist you along the way.

2) Get your paperwork in order

Your roofer (and your insurance agent) will appreciate your willingness to have paperwork in order. Things to have on-hand include:

  • Any paperwork relevant to roofing materials/installation
  • Receipts/invoices from any historical repair work
  • Proof that you (or former homeowners’) observed manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations
  • Any information pertaining to gutters, downspouts or other roof-related home improvement features
  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy and relevant contact information

Organized paperwork facilitates administration time for both the roofer and the insurance company. Plus, most professional roofers are willing to work directly with insurance agents, taking that responsibility off your hands.

3) Make calls as soon as you notice a red flag

Again, waiting any amount of time before taking action can result in excessive damage and issues with insurance reimbursement, so time is of the essence.

Make the call to your insurance company immediately after a roof leak is identified and diagnosed. They may even have reputable roofer recommendations available, which makes your job even easier.

Do you suspect your home has a leaky roof? Give us a call at Mark Kaufman Roofing. We’ll provide a free inspection and estimate, and can also identify any other issues threatening your home’s roofing system.


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